12 January 2016

GURFILTER is happy to announce that we now have the ability to perform in house comparison tests for automotive oil and fuel filters and filtration media tests, according to international standards, due to new, state of the art laboratory equipment, recently acquired by our company! Managed and operated by a skillful and experienced team of engineers and calibrated and controlled by a registered institute, our laboratory can present you with professional data reports, under the umbrella of ISO standard procedures.

GURFILTER’s laboratory equipment and testing abilities are:

Media Testing : Thickness test GSM of Filtration Media Bursting Strength test Air Permeability Max pore dia Mean pore dia

Fuel filters testing ,according to ISO 4020 standard:
ISO 4020 test # 6.1 - Fuel Filter Performance Test
ISO 4020 test # 6.2 - Filter Element Bubble Test
ISO 4020 test # 6.3 - Fuel Filter differential pressure Test
ISO 4020 test # 6.4 - Fuel Filter efficiency and filter life Test
ISO 4020 test # 6.5 – Fuel / Water Separation Test
ISO 4020 test # 6.6 - Fuel Filter Collapse / burst Test of element
ISO 4020 test # 6.7 - Fuel filter burst test of complete filter
ISO 4020 test # 6.8 - Pulse Fatigue Performance Test

Oil filters testing ,according to ISO 4548 standard:
ISO 4548 # 1 Differential pressure / flow characteristics
ISO 4548 # 2 Elements by-pass valve characteristics
ISO 4548 # 3 Resistance to high differential pressure
ISO 4548 # 4 Initial particle retention efficiency, life and cumulative efficiency
ISO 4548 # 5 Cold start simulation and Hydraulic pulse test
ISO 4548 # 6 Static burst pressure test ISO 4548 # 9 Inlet and outlet anti-drain valve tests
ISO 4548 # 10 Life and cumulative efficiency in the presence of water in oil

Additional equipment for testing:
Leak test stand
Salt Spray Test
Flammability Test
Rubber Hardness test
Paint Scratch Hardness Test

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