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Introduction - part 1

Zoko Enterprises LTD, also known under its trade name of Gurfilter, is continuously investing time, energy and resources in order to provide its customers with reliable, professional, equally thoughtful and accessible services.

The company acts according to the accessibility laws and rules and recognizes the equal rights of people with disabilities to enjoy its services and have easy access to its premises.

The purpose of this section on the website is to inform its readers with regards to the accessibility arrangements of our company. The company will continue improving the accessibility of the services provided to its customers.

Informing all employees: All employees shall be informed regarding the binding accessibility laws while focusing on lack of discrimination, equal treatment and services in a nonjudgmental environment and accessibility arrangements for people with disabilities.

Training employees: All service providing employees, as well as service center managers have been trained on how to operate and offer services to people with disabilities

Call centers: The company’s call centers are available and accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. The interactive voice response is clear, using a simple language and a slow rhythm, with no music as background.

Information accessibility – the company is providing information in accessible formats when required by its customers. Providing information to people with disabilities in accessible formats comes with no material charges.

Accessibility coordinator
: Mr Yossy Klein
Tel : 972-50-4518090
e-mail : klein@zoko.co.il

Introduction - part 2

The internet is nowadays on of the most prominent sources of free information for all users, especially those with disabilities. Thus, we emphasize the importance of offering equal opportunities to access the information on our websites and have a convenient web surfing experience.

Our company strives to ensure that our digital services are accessible to people with disabilities and therefore resources were invested to offer easy access , as much as possible, to everyone , including people with disabilities, out of believes that all people deserve equal right to leave with dignity , accessibility and independence.

Using the " Accessibility" button on the website: This website is operating using an accessibility software using a special server. The software operates according to the Israeli standard 5568 on an AA level. The software is according to the terms of conditions of the software provider. The responsibility for use and application of the software on the website belongs to the website owner and its representatives, including the content of the website and it is according the terms and conditions of use for the software.

How does the accessibility button work on the website?

Pressing the " accessibility" button open a menu for accessibility options. After pressing the relevant option, one must wait for the pages to upload. The accessibility web surfing is possible in the most popular Browser " GOOGLE CHROME". In other browsers difficulties might be encountered due to the lack of support of those browsers on the accessibility standard.

Option available on the menu

Font size
Animation blocking
High contrast
Low contrast
Monochrome A
Readable font A
Display size
Highlight links
Accessibility declaration

To be clarified:
Despite our efforts to allow easy and accessible use of all our website pages, there might be pages that the accessibility options do not apply to, or we have not yet found the supporting technology.

We keep searching for solutions to improve the accessibility for all users out of our firm believe and moral responsibility that all people have the equal right to use our website, including those with disabilities.

Contact and feed-back:
If you have encountered difficulties while using our website for the accessibility point of view, please send us your feed back