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Our Laboratory

GURFILTER prides itself on its fully equipped laboratory that allows us to perform inspection and quality comparison tests for filters and filter elements, as well as filtration media performance tests.
Having the advantage of performing in-house comparison tests for all types of filters/elements for liquids (such as oil and fuel filters) allows us to monitor and maintain a high quality of automotive filters, giving our customers the certainty of a reliable supplier.2
Within GURFILTER's laboratory, filtration media tests are being performed to ensure that the media used for our filters is of best quality and uniformity. All tests are made according to international standards, using high quality new equipment. The laboratory is managed and operated by a skillful and experienced team of engineers that were trained and accredited in international courses. All pieces of equipment are calibrated and controlled by a registered institute
GURFILTER's laboratory can supply comparison test reports for filters, under the umbrella of ISO standard procedures. These tests are made with reference to OEM filters/elements as they are performed in the original filter housing or a universal housing

Laboratory Stands

Stand name Standard method
Media testing
Air Permeability ASTM D737
Max pore size and mean pore size Test ISO 4003
Burst strength test QB/T1057-2002
Thickness test – 1) caliper 2) plate caliper Electronic scale, Fire retardant media test machine FMVSS 302
Fuel testing
Fuel Filter differential pressure / flow characteristics SAE-J905-chapter 1
Fuel Filter capacity and contaminant removal characteristics SAE-J905-chapter 2
Fuel / Water Separation Efficiency Test Stand SAE- j1488
Bubble test stand ISO 2942
Static Burst Test Stand ISO 4020 test#6.7
Pulse Fatigue Performance Test Stand ISO 4020 test#6.8
Oil testing
Differential pressure / flow characteristics ISO 4548-1
Elements by-pass valve characteristics ISO 4548-2
Resistance to high differential pressure and to elevated temperature ISO 4548-3
Initial particle retention efficiency, life and cumulative efficiency ISO 4548-4
Cold start simulation and Hydraulic pulse durability test ISO 4548-5
Filter Element Burst test stand SAE-HS-806-9
Static burst pressure test ISO 4548-6
Inlet and outlet anti-drain valve tests ISO 4548-9
Bubble test stand ISO 2942
Salt Spray Chamber ASTMB117
Paint Scratch Hardness Test ISO 2409-1974
Rubber Hardness test; Shore A Hardness test ASTM2240