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GurFilter hereby warrants to the Customer that each of its filters will be free of defects in material and workmanship, will be suitable for installation in the vehicle, for a period similar to the service life recommended by the engine or equipment manufacturer (the “Warranty Period”).

Replacement or Credit Note

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a certain filter should become defective within the Warranty Period, GurFilter will issue a credit note or replace the filter with a new filter from GurFilter's inventory, at GurFilter's discretion, all according to the following terms and conditions:

2.1 GurFilter will have the discretion to decide whether to request that the filter be returned or to issue a credit note or without requesting the return of the defective filter. It is necessary to send the list with the exact reasons why the filter is presumed defective in order to make a claim.

2.2 Warranty claims must be sent to GurFilter within 7 days from the time Customer discovers or should have discovered the alleged defect. The date of the filter delivery to Customer must be proved in writing.

2.3 The filter was properly installed; was not abused; was not damaged; was not used in competitive racing or on modified high performance engines or used in any aircraft or aviation application;

2.4 The damage did not occur as a result of natural wear and tear, negligence or failure to comply with instructions regarding use of the filter and storage thereof, by Customer or any third party or any user of the filter;

Limitation of Warranty


Incorrect Goods Delivered or Processing Errors

A list of the goods that were delivered (or processed incorrectly), specifying the corresponding invoice number must be sent to GurFilter within 3 days of receipt of goods or within 30 days from the date of our invoice. This list will be immediately reviewed by our warehouse and our inventory will be verified. If our findings match your claim, a credit note will be issued in your favour. If our inventory is correct, we will ask that you check your own warehouse a second time. In the event of large quantities of incorrect product codes delivered by us, we will consider the possibility of your keeping the merchandise, by agreement with GurFilter’s head office. If this is not possible, after evaluating transport costs, we will decide if the merchandise should be returned to us, or we will issue a credit note directly in your favour. We cannot accept returns of material incorrectly ordered, except in very special circumstances.


*This Warranty is non-transferable and non assignable to any other third party. The Customer Shall be the only entity entitled to make claims under the Warranty. Any liability whatsoever to any party other than the first user is expressly disclaimed.